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Colour and texture are always at the heart of my work which is generous and inclusive. I enjoy the variety and unpredictability of my working life.


My methods are craft related but belie an unexpected grandeur.
Fabric, thread and haberdashery; my favourite making materials

Image is taken from my final show for my MA at Derby University,
'Making an Exhibition of Myself' 2021

One to one classes

I run classes in my studio in Lichfield.

Any school age upwards.

£30 per hour which includes most materials.

I have an up to date DBS and insurance up to £5 million

My passion for art and making is also accompanied by my knowledge about Art and Artists, I have run art classes constantly since 2008.


Two images of work created for my Masters in Fine Art.  On the left a snap shot of a stop motion film I made inspired by autobiographic memories. On the right a close up of a medical barrier we made (physically because of covid) but for me personally the mental one I built for myself.

ingestre bees_edited.jpg


I work in Schools, Primary, Secondary, EBD schools and Special schools covering all aspects of art in Schools; from working with children on one off projects (Art days) to ongoing projects involving all pupils.

Friendly, knowledgable and easy going, Henrietta works closely with the Head and teachers to provide the best possible outcomes for the School and their pupils.
£200 per day  |  £125 per half day
(Additional cost for materials)

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